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You asked for my heart...

You Know that I'm down

sarah jane
1 August
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My name is Sarah. I'm a recently graduated and certified MLT, or medical laboratory technician. Some of my favourite things include: cats, being an MLT, hematology, chemistry, and blood banking, and music. I dislike microbio. I obsess over boys in bands. I'm busily applying for jobs and the like, but feel free to IM me: beautiful adieu. Oh yes, I love mexican food, and margaritas. Oh, and I'm damn cute. xo!
'60s mustangs, abby sciuto, adam lambert, aiden, all time low, army of me, azure ray, bain mattox, basketball, bassists, baylor, ben gibbard, better than ezra, billy corgan, bisexuality, black veil brides, boys, boys like girls, breathe carolina, bright eyes, broken spindles, cal leandros, clemson, clemson basketball, clemson fencing, cobra starship, conor oberst, coraline, courtney love, courtney taylor-taylor, cover songs, cyrus lupo, dance-core, dandy warhols. albert hill, daphne loves derby, daughtry, david bowie, death cab, desperate housewives, dezeray's hammer, duke, ed hardy, edwin mc cain, emo, emo kids, emus, evanescence, facebook, fall out boy, fergie, fictional characters, funeral for a friend, gay marriage, girls, glam rock, grade, guys, gwen stefani, hayley williams, i am ghost, jack white, jeffree star, jenny lewis, jeremy sisto, john hanna, john lennon, john nolan, jonezetta, jump little children, kevin bernard, kill hannah, killers, kim harrison, lady gaga, law and order, law and order: ci, lifetime, lights, live music, mall punk, maria taylor, md's, metric, metro station, michael weatherly, midtown, mxpx, my american heart, my chemical romance, ncis, niko leandros, nirvana, no doubt, oli sykes, orenda fink, our lady peace, p-ni, paramore, patrick stump, paul koehler, pauley perittee, pearl jam, plumb, pseudo-goths, punk rock, queen, red jumpsuit apparatus, rihanna, rilo kiley, rob thurman, rpgs, shane told, silverstein, skeleanimals, skulls, smashing pumpkins, straylight run, t. rex, taking back sunday, taylor swift, the academy is, the almost, the beatles, the dead weather, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, the killers, the nightmare before christmas, the white stripes, thursday, tim burton, umbrella academy, unicorns, vincent di nofrio, william fictner, you, zia mc cabe